An Exploding Business in an exploding Industry

A local Party Bus Company is gaining steam and recognition through the city of Boston. I have personally met the owner of the company and he has a vision of expanding his Party Bus Company into an International Transportation company. He has made his mark throughout the city and will only get better as time goes on. Many others have taken notice of his success and love to partner up with him to take advantage of his ever expanding customer base. Don’t get it twisted he loves to share the wealth and his vision. His company blew up quicker than he thought.

The amazing thing is he began running his Party Bus company in late 2011 and is swimming in success. Now we know with success comes competition in the city and some unwanted recognition. There was a point in time where he blew up so quick that he began taking the customers away from some of the other Party Bus companies in the city. He would get calls and emails with other business owners expressing dismay in his company’s acquisition of their customers. So instead of fighting them and keeping customers he formed partnerships within in the city.

Fast forward time and some years later my boy is still on top of the world and has now expanded his business into car dealerships. He will help you find the right vehicle you need just like he would book you with the right Party Bus in his city. Up to this point his company and his vision continues to become a full blown reality and might I add he is eating real good now. His next goal is to become an international business man in the transportation industry.

There are things this young man is looking into as I write this article, I will keep it under wraps for now. I will get into more detail in later articles, why give up the goods now. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into a young man’s world and how he plans to dominate it with partnerships, business savviness and many more tactics that he did not even reveal to me. My friend is a great example of putting action into place which leads to great results and success. He is providing the blueprint for all young entrepreneurs to follow. Take my word for it!


What Makes a Good Medical Weight Loss Program

When you are beginning your journey for health wellness and losing weight and achieving your fitness goals you do have to be very careful because there are endless amounts of exercise programs, fad diets, weight loss supplements, the latest and greatest exercise equipment and of course let’s not forget the hot trending fitness guru. This makes losing weight very confusing and sometimes you could actually be putting yourself at risk because you are following the recommendations of a program or person who has absolutely no healthcare or medical training.


Because of this I recommend that most people, especially if you need to lose 100 pounds or more begin by working with a medically supervised weight loss program.

Working with a medical weight loss program assures that your weight loss plan is going to be safe and effective. Most weight loss facilities use state-of-the-art technology and FDA approved weight loss supplements. Almost every day it seems that new technology and new discoveries are being made when it comes to weight loss. So now we have a variety of ways to help you lose weight and get healthy.


In most medical weight loss programs you will be given a detailed nutrition program explaining to you what you should be eating and what you should not be eating. You will also be given a vitamin B12 injection which helps boost your energy and your metabolism. Then you will get vitamin supplements. You will be provided with FDA approved weight loss tablets. You will also be giving a comprehensive shopping list. But before all of this you will be evaluated by a medical doctor and instructed in a fitness program that is tailored to your current physical fitness levels.

All of these aspects of medical weight loss programs are provided with the intent of helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Working with a program like is the best thing that you can to help you to lose weight and get healthy.

Sadly most fad diets, expensive over-the-counter weight loss and diet supplements and crazy exercise routines almost always guarantee that you are ultimately going to fail. Now you may lose weight short-term, but crazy programs like these never enable you to keep off the weight long-term.

So that is why most medical programs start with a physical examination by the medical doctor, and then you will be instructed in a diet nutrition program as well as an exercise plan. You will also be given appetite suppressing weight loss tablets to assist you in making the right food choices. You see when you are hungry you will almost always grab whatever is in front of you to eat.

Now these weight loss tablets do decrease your appetite and because you are not starving all of the time you should be able to make the proper food choices.

Choices that consist of foods that are healthy, tasty, and packed with good nutrition and ultimately super good for you. Because we are all about getting you healthy.

Most people have it all  wrong. Most people think that they have to lose weight to get healthy but in actuality you have to get healthy in order to lose weight.

A healthy body does not get fat. So that is why you should be working with the certified healthcare professional to help get you healthy and help get you skinny by designing a sound scientific nutritional program as well as an exercise program for you.

Keeping Carpets Clean

Keeping your carpets clean can be a nightmare especially if you have kids or pets. It seems like it’s a constant struggle to keep your carpets clean and stain free. There are definitely certain times of the year that are worse as well. During the rainy Spring season it seems like mud is constantly being tracked through the house. During late fall and into the winter there’s mud, snow, slush and everything else that comes with those seasons. Summer provides a wide variety of things that can be tracked in as well, but it’s usually dirt and grass.

Here are some simple tips that can help you keep your carpet clean throughout the year. These are simple tips, and not really related to actually cleaning your carpets. Nonetheless, by doing these easy little things, you’ll be taking the necessary steps to keep your carpets clean and stain free.

1. Have everyone take their shoes off at the door. Yes, as easy as this sounds and as much of a common sense tip as it is most people don’t do it. Just think of all the dirt and debris that’s tracked into your house and on your carpets when people walk through with their shoes on. I’m not just talking about when someone has mud on their shoes, or it’s been raining out. No, I’m suggesting that you have everyone take their shoes off every time they come into your house. This will keep your carpet clean and add years to it’s life.

2. Have a welcome mat or rug by your doors. Okay, some people don’t want to take their shoes off at the door it’s just not their thing. A simple way to get around this is to have a rug or entry mat at the door for them to wipe their shoes off on. Again, as simple as this sounds, it will help keep all the dirt and outside stuff off your carpets.

3. Wipe you pets feet when they come in from the outside. Pets, especially dogs, are notorious for getting into the dirt, mud, leaves, puddles and everything else when they go outside. Then when they come back into the house, they track all of this onto your nice clean carpets. Pet owners have all experienced this. Prior to letting them in the house, simply take a towel and wipe off their paws and body. This will prevent them from getting the dirt and mud all over your carpets.

These three easy steps, although most are common sense can help you extend the life and maintain the beauty and color of your carpets and rugs.

That Special Evening

The stretch Limo is undoubtedly the supreme announcement; this particular automobiles provides comfortability as well as magical at a sensible rate on the planet regarding the limousine rental. Such fashionably attractions The Limo Company supplies the room as well as features in which could function as a limousine traveling to many places such a Newark airport or one to JFK or La Guardia. Our airport limousine service functions in combo as an NYC car service offering a number of high-end sedans when it comes to smaller sized group rides. Additional options when it comes to larger sized groups will be composed of coach buses, Vans, and Suvs sizable from 15 to 55 passengers.

Our stretch limousines are really frequently recognized for all their service explored over New York airport limousine, being among the best major NYC limousine rental for many years. Stretch limousines are actually commonly contacted with regard to exciting events, including Weddings, Proms, Anniversaries, Birthdays, concerts as well as plenty others. Our limousine service will supply you with the limos required when it comes to you to obtain your party, not only in time, but also exceptional fashionably as well. The sedan and limo services our company offer will certainly have you to your wedding, prom, and even bachelor party on time and definitely, in style.

Our NYC Prom Limousines perform substantial demand through prom season considering that we provide economical prices, offers combined with rates in order to have everyone for the ride of your life. , your , our stretch limos operate all around Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn as well as NJ to wherever else your event leads you to travel in an fascinating refined manner, and in a timely fashion.

Luxury cheap transportation for a group

Many people want to travel in luxury especially when going to places they have never been. Luxury travelling is one of the pleasures in life that cannot be described and is only for the travel enthusiasts. One of the things that you can do to transport in luxury yet not pay a fortune is to hire cheap limo service. Some people think of limos as a expensive mode of transportation that they cannot afford, however they are mistaken. In many places, limousine costs are not expensive and can easily be negotiated. If you are a bunch of people you can actually rent a limo for a day and share the costs and that would usually not be very pricy per person. You can use the limo to stop at different locations, drink and have fun and use it all day. If you would be comparing its costs with regular transportation and given that you are a bunch of people, it would usually not be as expensive as what you would think it is.


Most limousine companies actually reduce their prices when you are renting it for a long time or paying cash. This mode of transportation is affordable because you will save on parking, on tour buses, time, and best of all you will have your own private driver that you can use the whole day in that package. If you are also taking a long distance drive, limos most of them nowadays are equipped with TV, wi-fi, fridge and all the newest technologies.


Another luxury cheap mode of transportation is a private is to rent your own high-end mini-bus. A high-end mini bus usually can come with a driver and most limo companies can offer you that as well. The mini-bus is an excellent way to travel because it allows you to be with your group in a private setting and control where you go and how long you stay in any place. It is usually as well equipped with the latest and has amazingly comfortable seats that you can enjoy. Make sure to always negotiate deals as these modes are luxurious and often forgotten about.


Last but not least, you can always as well negotiate with a taxi for the day to take a flat fee and he can also take you anywhere you would want and wait for you. Usually they are open to this kind of negotiation if they don’t belong to a cab company and are working on their own. This will mean you get your own driver and car and you wont worry about driving or parking. In most cases, they can tour you around and be amazingly nice hosts in their own country when they know you are from out of town.

Overseas Travel Tips

One of the best ways to open your mind and really get a different perspective on life is through traveling.  Going abroad is a great way to really understand what other cultures and places have to offer.  Traveling overseas can be expensive and dangerous so the tips below will help prepare you for any foreign travel you help planned.

  • Use the ATM
  • Don’t over-schedule
  • Know where embassies are
  • Pack smarter
  • Have backup maps


When traveling abroad use the ATM for small pocket change rather than exchanging your cash at local banks.   This method can help you save money over the banks exchange rate on smaller amounts that may defeat the purpose.  Larger amounts of money is better than smaller amounts for just pocket change.

When planning for an overseas vacation don’t over-schedule your trip.  While this may be your first time overseas and there will be undoubtedly a lot you want to see, you want to make sure that you have some time just to experience the place with any scheduled activities.  Many times you will find gems when you do not have all of you time scheduled and that is a good way to explore the new location you are in without time constraints.

You should always make note to know where the embassies are located in your destination location.  Your first job before getting on a plane, train or automobile to go abroad is to contact the Embassy so they know where you are going, where you are staying and how long you will be there.  This will help in the unfortunate event that a tragedy happens.

When traveling abroad you want to make sure that you adhere to the weight requirements and pack smarter.  You should plan to have extra room in your luggage to bring items back since chances are you will want to buy items of you overseas expedition.  Also keeping your luggage light helps you to maneuver around easier when you are at your destination.

Technology is here to stay but we all know it is sometimes not reliable, so you should plan to have printed backup maps.  It is always a good idea to have a physical map on hand if the signal from your mobile device is not strong or you cannot access the area you had before.  Good ole’ printed paper maps still have their place especially when you are in a foreign country and you’re lost.

Traveling abroad can be exciting but you have to remember to research the area you are visiting and prepare yourself for any possible issues that may come up.  It is impossible to know everything that might happen on your trip but it is best to prepare for the any eventual event that you can.

The Evolution of Transportation

Means of transportation has definitely evolved since the beginning of mankind. It all started way back, when the first civilization discovered the wheel….obviously because they were tired of walking every where. So now we have this wheel which can roll around pretty easily with out much effort. Then someone had the bright idea….hey….why don’t we ride animals. I bet there was a lot of trial and error in finding all the right animals to ride such as horses, elephants, and so on. Im certain that there had to be some people eaten during those trials when they were trying to ride animals such as lions, tigers, and who knows what else. As humans continued evolving so did transportation.


That brings us to the wonderful world of automobiles. We all know about good ole Henry Ford to whom we have to think for creating the first automobile. Now look at us today, driving everything from bicycles, scooters, trucks, cars, and limos. Speaking of limos I wonder who came up with that idea and what made them think of that. Were they in a car and just said….hey, lets make this car longer.


All I know is that limos are cool, especially the ones with cool lights and all the fancy gadgets.

177646973We definitely can’t forget the evolution of transportation in regards to traveling by air. Even though I’ve only flown in an airplane 2 times in my whole life, I got to say that it was a good experience. I was definitely nervous at first but quickly got over my fear of flying. Speaking of flying, what about space travel. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Being able to strap in humongous spaceship and zoom off into outer space at blazing speeds has got to be such an adrenaline rush.


Of course we can also travel by water. Speaking of traveling by water, I’ve never been on a cruise, I know, I know, I’m missing out so people have told me. I think if I was going to go on a cruise, it would definitely have to be on a disney cruise. Anyways, to make a long story short, transportation has definitely evolved throughout history in an awesome way.

The Funniest Limo Story Ever

Alright, this is hands down one of the funniest limo stories that you will ever hear!

A few years back, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid in not one, not two, but THREE weddings all in the same summer!  And being that I live in the midwest, where everyone gets married in the summer, all three weddings were within a five week span.

Needless to say, I was a little tired of trying on dresses, getting them altered, and pulling out my wallet to pay for it all.

When it came to the last wedding, I was exhausted. I’d put countless flowers in bridesmaids hair, I’d been to grooms dinners, rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, bachelorette parties, I’d been auctioned off, I’d walked up and down the rehearsal aisle, sang one too many songs of karaoke, I’d been to hair salons, nail salons, and saloon after saloon to celebrate it all.

I’d done tequila shots, blow job shots, jello shots, pudding shots, slippery nipples, buttery nipples, you name, I did it! I was starting to feel like a one trick pony. What was my talent? Weddings, and not my own!

So there I was, it was the night before the last wedding. I hopped in my car and drove three hours to attend the grooms dinner and spend that final night with the bride to be. After searching the local grocery store for a decent razor so she wouldn’t look like a wooly mammoth on her wedding night, I finally felt like I could relax. Just one more photo shoot. Just one more night of wearing spanx. Just one more night of dancing with creepy old men. Just one more night till it was through.

And it was on that final night that the bride to be asked me, “Did you remember to alter your dress?”

The answer: NO!

After trying on dress after dress, going to photo shoot after photo, dinner after dinner, and having countless shots along the way… I’d forgotten to get the last bridesmaid dress altered.

“Oh well I thought, how bad could it really be?” I just needed the shoulders taken up and inch or two.


The dress made through the final photo shoot, it made it down the aisle, it witnessed the vows and the kiss, it made it back up the aisle, and that final dress even got me into the limo.

I’d been hiking and holding that damn dress up all day and was relieved to finally sit down in the limousine and relax. I’d done it! I’d done three weddings in five weeks. Not only was I ready to toast the bride and the groom, but I was ready to toast to myself. I’d put on more fake smiles and fake eyelashes then I could count. I had done it and I was ready to get down and celebrate!

The wedding party cracked open a couple of bottles of bubbly, filled up the fancy limo champagne flutes and we did a toast to the bride and the groom. We all raised up our arms to clink our glasses and give a cheers!

It was when our arms were raised that things got a little strange. I looked around at everyone while we were toasting to clink our glass and I noticed everyone was looking at me and not the bride and the groom.

“That’s strange” I thought. “Why are they all looking at me? Is one of these damn eyelashes falling off again?” So I raised my arm to check my eyelash and it was fine. “Well, what they heck?”

All of the sudden, I felt a slight breeze and I quickly realized that it was not my eyelashes that everyone was looking at. Everyone in that limo was staring a little further south than my face.

So, I looked up and noticed that this limo had a mirror running the entire length of the ceiling.

And what did I see when I looked in the mirror?

Me and big ole’ size Ds hanging right out and over the top of my unaltered dress!

Yes, I had flashed the entire wedding party! Creepy groomsmen who’d been trying to get with me for weeks included!

Was I humiliated… YES!

Was I completely red in the face… YES!

So what did I do? What any other worn bridesmaid would do. I went on with the toast. Took that well deserved sip of shitty limo champagne, well come to think of it… I may have slammed the entire glass, before tucking the ladies back in where I am happy to say they stayed for the rest of the night.

Ziplining in Hawaii

If you are looking into a zip line tour while on your Hawaiian vacation, there are certain considerations you should be aware of.  To be sure you end up with the greatest Hawaiian zip line tour experience, review the following points to choose the tour best suited to you.

What part of the island in Hawaii is the tour located on?  You may not want to travel all the way to the North Shore if you are staying in Waikiki.

How long is the tour and what is the length of the course?   This could be a personal preference as far as how long you would feel comfortable hanging on the zip line.  Another factor to be aware of is whether the course is one continuous ride or are there stops along the way.

Is the zip line course varied, for example with jungle tropical sections and wide open sections with awesome views.  Or is it only one or the other.  Do you prefer a certain scenic environment over another?

Is the tour double or single ride? Can you ride alongside your friend or companion or is their just one zip line where everyone rides behind each other? Double ride is mostly predominant, but check it out to be sure.

What is the speed of the zip line?  Speed can vary widely.  You could be looking at 10 – 15 mph or some are extreme over 80 mph.  Another speed consideration is whether you will be required to hand brake of whether the braking system is self regulated and in conjunction with the course design does not require any braking on your part.  This is the optimal system which allows you to only worry about enjoying the scenery and ride.

Zip line tours will have health and weight requirements.  Depending on the course location, you may be required to hike in a certain ways and will need to be in shape to take that on.  In addition you will need to withstand hanging from the zip line for the length of the course/ride.  The weight requirement will vary based on the design and zip line equipment in place.  Don’t forget to check minimum age if you have youngsters along.

Safety goes without saying.  It should be a given but feel free to question what safeguards are in place for peace of mind.

Obviously cost is a big consideration, but you don’t want to base your decision solely on this.   Remember the old adage – ‘you get what you pay for’.  Factor this into your zip line tour decision but consider all the above criteria as well.

If you do your homework the zip line tour will be one of the most memorable events of your vacation… that is, unless you take a limo to their zip line tour; then it’ll be the 2nd most memorable event.

Limo Rental in the World of Business

In the corporate world, there are a lot of things that a businessman must need to take in consideration. These things range from the marketing strategies to boost up sales to looking for investors to finance their projects and for broadening their companies. If there are ways on how a businessman promotes his wares to the buyers, there are also methodical ways to ensure an investor’s agreement to the proposal. For one, it is important to make sure of the client’s comfort particularly in accommodation and his transportation prior to that. As the saying goes, first impressions last.

Portrait of confident businessman with airhostess and pilot gree

Renting a limo for business purpose is not for luxury intentions only. Mostly, these are for conveniences. Most of the time, when businessmen are already tired and weary because of their activities, they tend to become easily irritated. Hence, it may result to them finding faults in your proposal whatsoever. But with good travel means, they get to relax and relieve their minds from stressful thoughts. With the great improvements now in the field of transportation, you no longer have to worry about giving your potential investor the time to invigorate. Limo rentals for business purposes are only a step away from your office.

Airport hassles are one of the major complaints of VIPs. With the fast and good services of rented cars, your business is also not put into hassle. You can easily pick up your business associate with the rented vehicle instead of hiring someone to standby and identify the person you are dealing with. This may result to confusions and arguments. Also, your presence is not required. You can easily tell your client about the type of limo that will be waiting for him at the airport and there, you only have to prepare your proposal. No hassle, very efficient.

There are times when you are also very busy and won’t have the time to wait for the plane to land at the airport and drive your client to a restaurant or to your office. You cannot simply relegate that task to anyone because there might be the chance that in trying for small talk, your business is being put to jeopardy by the man you sent. So a recommended setup is to have your client be fetched by a limo rented. This will give you more time to be prepared.

First-class transportation services allow for more productivity. You might be inviting not just one investor but a number of them. Well, a limo is appropriate to be used since it can accommodate more than one passenger with still rooms for comfort. You can also be the one to personally fetch them. This way, you will have the advantage of relaxing in the limo before they even arrive. Furthermore, you can utilize the time of your travel by discussing or implying your proposal. This is just like hitting two birds with one stone. You’re not just impressing them but also starting to stimulate their minds to the business to be discussed.